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UPDATE: Looking for realistic 3D tuning and car configurator? Check out out beta, you can selct rim you like and change color. Updates are posted daily.

3D Tuning & Car Vitrual Configurator - Free Beta

GPCars3D virtual 3D tuning engine is designed to preview your car modification before you but, install or design your new parts. 3D Tuning works for pain jobs as well as body kits and rims. Current demo shows basic BMW X6 3D model as a proof of concept. We will be adding all known bodies of cars from different manufacturers and then build libraries of accessories that can be installed. So you can see how 20" rim will look on your car and how car will look if you paint those rims. Same goes to body kits, custom decals or even window tints.

INSTRUCTIONS: Use mouse to rotate model around. Scroll to zoom, top left corner has color picker to choose your custom paint job. If you want to change direction if the sun (for reflection) hold left SHIFT and use left mouse button to rotate lighting. Holding middle button allows to drug morel around.
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