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Centrafuse 3 - GMPC Rebellium 3
Rebellium 3 is a plugin for Centrafuse 3.1 that allows users to integrate Garmin Mobile PC GPS software inside their carpc front end. Main main advantage of GMPC Rebellium 3 over other navigation plugin is tha TempGP's version suports voice detection in both TTS and Prerecorded voices. When directions are spoken your music will be paused and you will be able to hear what GPS is saying. There are many more featres are comming in in next release of Rebellium such as 2 monitors support and send to car option for route planning. For Support Visit Forum Page: http://forums.fluxmedia.net/plugin-development/5854-garmin-mobile-pc-gmpc-cf3-cf2-plugin-rebellium-3-osk-skin-w-voice-prompts.html   

GMPC Rebellium 3 - Centrafuse 3.1 Garmin Plugin Main Screen Map

Garmin Mobile PC GPS CarPC Navigation System
>> Donate Now & Download <<
Webelive that sofwrare should couste only waht it worth. There fore you can donate any amout you want to our projectss. Recomended price is spesified, but you can chnge it to any amout that you think is reasonable as  the price for the software.

Key Features:
  • Adding On Screen Keybord to Garmin Mobile PC
  • Pausing Audio When GPS Directions are spoken
  • Optimizing GMPC startup time
  • Multiple Languges Supported (see list)
  • Available TTS Changer Program for new voices
  • Support for native Centrafuse interface

Mandatory Requirements:
  • Windows Based PC
  • Garmin Mobile PC 5.0.60 Installed
  • Centrafuse 3.0 or 3.1 (CF2.x Here)
  • GPS Device

  • CF3.0 & 3.1
    • Support Indepandand Audio Engine for muting
    • Can scale to any resolution
    • Support Multiple Language Keyboards
    • Automatic installation
  • CF2.1 ( You need to get it on other page)
    • 800*600 - is only supported resolution
    • English - is only supported keyboard layout
    • Requires Deviare Framework for proper operations
    • Requires manual installation
  1. Improved TTS Recognition -no more calking and "shaking" musing... TTS pauses music well!
  2. Steady Window position
  3. Father Loading times
  4. Better Interface
New Things
  1. Rebellium Audio Library - our own way to detect audio output and pause music
  2. GMPC Process Controller - we choose what to do with GMPC -> Fasther speed
  3. No Drive Sacn on load -> Fasther loading times
  4. Installer File - automated isntalletion
  5. Win7 / Vista / XP Support
  6. 7" Touchscreen support
  7. Automatic sacling to any resolution (you need to etart CF though)
  8. Custom CF3 buttons for better song controll on the drive (we had to redo CF interface a bit to make our skin be usefull)
So we did lots of work this past week and we hope you will enjoy it as many of us think GMPC is best navigation system availabe and we really want to use it with our front end.

We still working on various improvements in our Rebellium product. As we know GMPC has no Live Traffic and it is missing many usefull things that can make our cars ecen better! We will be working in this project and improving this important aspect of car computing -> Best In Class Navigation.

We hope you support our ideas and you can donate to us, so that we can keep our R&D running. So far we where able to rise few buks to cover this stage of development. Yet we did not reach our goal so i had to take 1 week off my work and do some coding myself in order to reduce costs. Next part of the project requires even more complex operations and may require more money, so I hope to see your donations!

Our recommended price for CF3 release of Rebellium 3 is $25 USD (while minimum is $15) If you can not afford this price or there is no PayPal in your country, you can request FREE version of our plugin, which we will be happy to email to you.

Well I think thats is it! Go ahead and test it! And let us hnow how it works!


Rebellium 3 Garmin Mobile PC Plugin -Centrafuse 3.0 & 3.1
Ok to reduce fustration of new users, i'm posting few commonly appeared questions and answers to them. Those questions and instructions only valid for CF3 and CF3.1 veersions of Rebellium 3. If you are using CF2.1 please scroll down!
  1. Q: I'm getting "You are not autorized to use rebellium audiio library"
    A: You need to set permisssion to GMPC folder so that everyone has full controll and full access to the folder.
  2. Q: Installer Faills to start.
    A: Make sure you run installer from your desctop. Installer does not like runing fom network drives or from locations with limited permissions, such as C drive on Vista or 7. If you runing XP you can put installer anywhere as lond as it is not network drive. Still it is recommended to put installer on the desctop.
  3. Q: "There is a problem with this Windows Installer packege. A program run as a part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personell or package vendor"
    A: Pemissions or something esle does not allow files to be copied. You need to do manuall install. For manuall Install see instructions below.
  4. Q: Garmin Mobile PC 5.0.70 stops working after installing Plugin.
    A: Thats normal as we dont support the 5.0.70 release just yet. Please downgrade the GMPC to 5.0.60 or earlier releases. Or at least replace the img_pc.gir file in the garmin folder with original file.
  5. Q: GMPC 5.0.70 is working but sound doen not get muted in CF3.0
    A: You need to downgarde GMPC or wait till we release Rebellium 3.2 that will support GMPC 5.0.70
  6. Q: Im running latest version of Rebellium 3 and im getting black screen in Basic Configuration.
    A: Post the screen shot in the forums, this should not be happening in Rebelium 3.1.14 or newer.

Manual Installation Instructions - Rebellium 3 - CF3.0
  1. Download Your Files: Please follow the link that you got in email to dowmload the installation files. Email id generated in less then 1 min after your donation. If you don not get link in the email please check your spam folder.
  2. Unzip the Archive to Desctop
  3. Copy Files to Appropriate Directories: Inside the zip file you will find 2 folders: Centrafuse and Garmin Mobile PC. Both directories are there to show where the files supposed to go. So go down the directory if you see the any file in there put it in the same location on your computer. For example if you are runing XP and you unziped the files to dectop your installer folder should look like this:

    C:\Documents and Settings\User\Desktop\Rebellium_INSTALLER_FILES\Centrafuse\Plugins\Rebellium3\Rebellium3.dll

    Notice the blue text, we created isntaller file structure exactly as it suold be in your Centrafuse location. So follow the installer structure and drop WHOLE Rebellium3 folder to Centrafuse plugins folder.

    Now, go to installer pakage folder and open GarminMobilePC, copy all files you can find in there and put them in the folder where Garmin is installed. (Note: If you are running Garmin 5.0.70 DO NOT copy img_pc.gir as it is designed for earlier versions of GMPC such as 5.0.60)
  4. Register RebelliumAudioCore
    In order for plugin to work you need to register DLL. To do this on XP machine you will need to open comnd promt (Start => Run => Type "cmd" and hit enter => Black skeen pops up)
    In command promt type

    regsvr32 C:\GarminMobilePC\RebelliumAudioCore.dll

    Make sure that the path to DLL and to GMPC folder is correct (in my case that was C drive, but please double check it. If everything is good you will get success message box. So you better read it and mak sure it says "success". Also if you runing 64 bit the comand might be regsvr64. So please refere to you OS documentation on how to register the DLL. The example shown is for XP 32bit

  5. Set Folder Permissions
    Go to GarminMobilePC install dir and make sure tha whole directory has Everyone - Full Controll permissons set. This is required for proper autorization.

  6. Add Rebellium3 button to the button list of your CF3 install
    Please refere to CF documentation on how to do that.
    If you did everythibg correctly you should get Rebelium 3 and GMPC to work in CF

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