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Centrafuse 2 - GMPC Rebellium 2 OSK Plugin  (CF3 Version of Rebellium 3)
Rebellium 2 is a plugin for Centrafuse 2 that allows users to integrate Garmin Mobile PC GPS software inside their carpc front end. Main main advantage of GMPC Rebellium 3 over other navigation plugin is tha TempGP's version suports voice detection in both TTS and Prerecorded voices. When directions are spoken your music will be paused and you will be able to hear what GPS is saying. For Support Visit Forum Page: http://forums.fluxmedia.net/plugin-development/5854-garmin-mobile-pc-gmpc-cf3-cf2-plugin-rebellium-3-osk-skin-w-voice-prompts.html

Please note that CF2 version is finished, there will be no updates to this version as Flux Media released Centrafuse 3.1 and it is now dominating the market. We do undertand that some people still prefere to use Centrafuse 2 as their front end so we still provide our old plugin for download. If you are one of those who still unsing CF2 we hope you will enjoy it :)

To utilize all features of CF2 GMPC Rebellium OSK you will need to install Deviare Framework. It is available for download on their site but recentle Netcarta started asking for registration to request their software. If for some reason they are lagging with response to autorize the download you can contact us so we fasilitate the request. Usually they reply to requests within 1 business week, so be patient.

Garim Mobile PC - Centrafuse 2 (CF2) OSK Plugin

GMPC On Screen Keyboard (Virtual Keyboard)
>> Donate Now & Download <<
Webelive that sofwrare should couste only waht it worth. There fore you can donate any amout you want to our projectss. Recomended price is spesified, but you can chnge it to any amout that you think is reasonable as  the price for the software.

Key Features:
  • Adding On Screen Keybord to Garmin Mobile PC
  • Pausing Audio When GPS Directions are spoken
  • Optimizing GMPC startup time
  • Multiple Languges Supported (see list)
  • Available TTS Changer Program for new voices

Mandatory Requirements:

  • CF3.0 & 3.1
    • Support Indepandand Audio Engine for muting
    • Can scale to any resolution
    • Support Multiple Language Keyboards
    • Automatic installation
  • CF2.1 ( You need to get it on other page)
    • 800*600 - is only supported resolution
    • English - is only supported keyboard layout
    • Requires Deviare Framework for proper operations
    • Requires manual installation


You can install latest version v2.0.0.0 without removing v1.4.1.2 and earlier versions and assign them as separate buttons in CF because both are consider different applications. i.e. v2.0.0.0 does not install over older version.

However, since v1.4.1.2 and earlier versions require that you manually add it as an external application (refer to CF manual how to add external app) and if you've already named v1.4.1.2 and earlier versions external application as "Garmin", you may have a problem with v2.0.0.0 because it uses the same name. Therefore, to avoid confusion, you'll have to name it differently (perhaps named it as GMPC). For those who have not installed v1.4.1.2 or earlier version, it is better not to do so since tempgp will no longer support it.

For those having problems installing v2.0.0.0, I'll suggest you retry after removing the older versions.

To remove v1.4.1.2:

1) Refer to CF manual how to remove external application.

2) Remove Garmin Rebellium OSK Integrator Setup from Add/Remove Program.

3) Leave .Net Framework 3.5 or .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 alone if it's already installed as it is required by v2.0.0.0

To install v2.0.0.0:

1) Download and install .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 (Full Package).
Download this full version from home which doesn't require further download if you have slow mobile internet on your car pc to install the bootstrapper version which does.
2) Download and install Deviare.
No further configuration needed for Deviare installation.
3) Download and unzip v2.0.0.0 GMPC OSK & Skin for those with .Net Framework 3.5 installed.
GMPC_Server.zip should unzip as a GMPC_Server folder where you put into C:\Program Files\Flux Media\Centrafuse\Plugins. There's no need to create a separate folder.

.Net Framework 2.0 GMPC OSK & Skin version is for those with only .Net Framework 2.0 installed and has not receive any feedback from any users yet.
4) Make sure GMPC path is correct.
Go to CF>SETTINGS>GARMIN(Setup)>GARMIN MOBILE PC LOCATION and make sure the path is correct if you did not install in the default location C:\Garmin\GarminMobilePC\Que.exe
5) Add Garmin to a CF button (refer to CF manual).

tempgp, perhaps you want to link this post in your 1st post so that users will run into less

Tnx to CARZ for step by step instructions, Depulse for help with V2 release, I4vn for modified graphics, and all other people who participated in development of this plugin! Without their help we would never have Rebellium working. Thank you all!
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