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LED Headlights - True High Power HID alternative
LED light pipes provide better and much more efficient light source then HID or regular autoative light bulbs. Over some time we been experimenting by building our own true LED headlight for our prototyping cars. Finally we have something to show and good thing is that you can DIY too if you wnat to.

Super High Power LED Array - 5 times brighter then HID

If you look at modern car they all start using LEDs, especially after new Audi introduced their LED eyebrowes (well I've been driving with my eyebrowes way before Audi did their concept, so now its time to get ahead of them once again) The LED pipe that we are building is highly energy efficient. For 8 Watt (700mA @ 12V) you can get the same amount of light tha you get vith conventional 55W light bulbs. Wow no more headlight overheating and so much energy is being saved. I can even say you can make your car go go GREEN. Well you will green car concept is debatable but you got the idea.

LED headlight for car can be an energu saver or it can be serious alternative to most expansive HID kits! Right now we are experimenting with super high power LED matrix that eats 2 Amps and gives 55W of ambient temperature (just like regular light bulb you have in the car) BUT the light output is 5 to 2 times higher that just about anu HID kit you can get!!!  Basically if we look at light units, regulat  bulb emits 800 units that wahy we have in our regular LED pipe, but our super bright matrix gives us value of 5000. Oh yes avarage HID ranges around 1500-2000 units. So really out LED headlight matrix give us what should be called a "projectror". Combine it with focusing lense and you can light up whole higway. Soon we will have the kit ready for you guys to test out. If you like to be speacial we can sale you componests we are playing around with and you can do you own headlight without waiting on our developments.

Besides saving power and geting more light out of you LED car kits you also avoiding most of the legal restrictions. To our interpretation law buns aftermarket HID kits installed on our cars, well law does not say anything about LED aftermarket headlights, so we probably can drive them and easily defend any tikets... Do check you local laws just in case before you put something 2x powerful then HID (Disclamer: I'm not your legal advisor so you responsible for your actions, we only provide technical information)

Basic Parts:

  1. LED Matrix
  2. Radiator
  3. Lense
  4. LED Controller
  5. Voltage Regulator  

To build your own LED pipe or whole headlight you will need at least 1 led matrix diode. If you good with installation and fabrication you might be done with just and emitter but it is much smarter to build whole pipe. What is LED pipe? LED Pipe is an assambly of the LED + Lense + other required components (most of the time housed in the pipe or cilinder)

So, if you have high power LED it will overheat and can  burn so you need to get heatsink or radiator. Any PC heatsink with fun will do the job, so you dont really need any thing special there. Just attach LED matrix to heatsink and start the fun. In our case w used 4x4 cm fun and heatsink. This is good anough to keep 700-1000mA led cool. Bigger once might need 80mm fun or something like that.

Next logical part is lense. You need lense to focuse ligh coming out of LED bulb. Basically led blasts the light everywhere in 120 degree direction, and we don't really need that for the car so we will take all light an focude it up straigh, in this way we will cover more distance and light will be more intence. So we are "projecting" the light. Thats why headlights are called projector headlights.

When selectin lense you need something that can survive heat, at least like 80 Celcius (more is better as you dont want you lence to blow out) Oh you need convex lense about 45 degrese with shortest focopoint.

Once you done with lense you will need LED controller. If you have straight 12V LED you can coonect it directly, but car voltage and curent is never steady so you will kill your lights too soon with that. Best way to keep your LED healthy is to limit current to the value it is designed (ex: 700mA). Less curen that led requires will dim it and too much curent or voltage will blow it, so be carefull as you dont want to burn your $100 bulb.  So to get your voltage and curent right you can use led controller or resistor. Use Ohms Law to calulate resitor valuse if you wnat to go cheap way, but if you wan to be fancy you can use controller.

Right now we are working on a device that will be able to controll headlights + will have full color RGB strips support so that you can go disco inside you car as we have a DMX option to anilze audio and build proper colors for the frequancies. We can also dim LED lights or use them as police strobe light. Basically it will be universal device that can turn your car in a xmass tree :) If you interested about controler pre-release versions you can contact me through support page.

Inexpansive High Power LED MatrixFinal note for this page... different LEDs light up differently, and unfortunaltly they expansive they are the more light they emit. We compered many LEDs and even though they all looked the same and had same parameters apperantly once cost about $100 are the once we liked more. Well there are other once that are even more expansive. For example to build Audi like adheasive eye browes you need high powe strip wich cost about $35 per foot and you need at least 4 feet (well depands on your car) You can get the same time of strip elsewhere which technically shold work even better as documetation says it emits more lightm BUT in real life it does not,  sure it cost 2 times less then real reputable LED device

Any way if you are interested in our LED projects, if you need few LED matrix to play around or you want beta versions of our controllers please contact us. And if you are a store owner, integrator or reseler then you definetly should contact us ;-)

Below is small picture gallery of our existing progres.

LED Matrix blusting at low voltage

More powerfull and bugger led array

Radiator and Fun used for LED cooling

Diode attched to heatsink front view - selicone lense

Day and Night test

Bright Light Spot - top view

Front View - LED w/o Lense, night test
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