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CrystalLumin LED Car Headligh Module
After days of R&D we finally have first ever car headlight LED module. Unlike anything else on the market our LED module is really used to ligh up the road and not just for a decorative purpuses. At this moment we used 800LM LED matrix 3*4 which draws about 8 Watts comparing to regular 55 Watts. Amount of light is same or greater then in with regular light bulb.

Our next build will be much more powerfull device which will be 55Watt and at the same time will be 5x times more then HID kits.This will make LEDs lights a new laternative who want to see the road clearly + if the law says you can not have HID then we can switch to LEDs and technically not brake any laws.

If you want to play around with LED headights in your car we can sale you parts that we are using for our prototype or maybe we can put togather a pair of modules for you. Right now with rough manula assambly redy to use light pipe will cost about $150 each.  (or $80 for parts 1x LED matrix, 1x Heatsink, 1x Fun, 1x Projection Lense)

Car LED Headlights

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