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CrystalLumin High Power Mini W5W T10 LED
Headlights / Courtesy Lights Bulbs

CrystalLumin Mini High Power Car LED Light

Dress up you car with new CystalLumin headlights LED bulbs. Get new look, show your style! 

CrystalLumin Mini T10 LED bulds are available at TempGP store for
$15 each.

As you may notice many new cars such as Audi, Mercedes, Bentley, Rolls Royce are now using LEDs headlights and many aftermarket manufacturers start copy them. We at TempGP believe that all those aftermarket parts are not good enough, more over even original developments by car manufacturers are not that innovative. Why we believe so? ... because they all the same, take a look at RGB (full color LED technology) It been available for 15-20 years now and it was not used, even now after Audio came out with White LEDs, all other companies have copied and idea and only then Mercedes have figured that they can use bi-color LED for their turn lights.

So to encourage progress and efficiency in automotive lighting we will be punting up some articles about products available on the market and how they can be used in your cars and even in home / interior / exterior decorations.   

Today we would like to introduce you CrystalLumin Mini LED bulb for T10 W5W socket. It is normally used as additional light "hint" in headlights, instrument cluster light, and license plate reverse light. If compared to normal
incandescent W5W bulb, LED one gives brighter pitch with cold white color but with less power. LED T10 bulb is equipped with aluminum heatsink which makes it completely cold so you can actually hold it with your hand while its operating (comparing to regular bulb where you will burn you finger if you touch it) T10 LED is using much less power, we observed  about 500mA, but more testing has to be done.

Mercedes Modified LED Headlight
Mercedes Headlight. First circle shows incandescent (regular W5W lamp in action)



Our tests where done on Mercedes projector headlight. Original design used regular W5W bulb as hint counter lights, practically under given design it serves no purpose, regular lamp is not bright enough to light up the road, and it is definitely not visible by other drivers so it serves no safety purpose. So we decided to modify that lamp with our CrystalLumin Mini bulbs. On photo above you see the headlight and you slightly you see yellow light coming from the first lamp, that is a default setup. Below you see a photo of the same lamp form the front view as you would see if you would stand in front of the car.

For a better photo room light where turned off. When you look at the lamp you see actual spiral and the body of the lamp. It does not blind you but at the same time on the street when you corner lights are on you will never notice this bulb.

LED W5W T10 lamp bulb

For a comparison, above is LED bulb that we have, it shows much brighter light when you  look at it and it does blind you a little bit when you stare at it (obviously you don't want to look at headlights for long time) Don't worry though it is not as bright to blind other drivers, it is not even closely that powerful.


  Incandescent W5W Sample

Photo above show the headlight lighting up a wall from about 4 feet distance. As you can see the wall is reasonably lighted up, unfortunately distortion of image is very high due to shape of the bulb and imperfections in the projection lens. So really would add extra light to the road but we also will add extra shadows which will make your eyes get tired faster. 

Now lets take a look at the same wall but with LED lamp installed. Keep in mind there are no other light sources in the room. We are getting much brighter picture with cool white color and nice light pattern. Clearly LED light is better.

Projector Headlight with LED T1CrystalLumin

As you see on the photo above the light is bright yet there are green spots that does not make it look perfect.  So we removed original lens and here is what we get without any lens. Light is still bright, although we have changed camera settings and now it looks a bit dark but in reality it is not dark. Yet light is spread across the wall and we can say that that light use is inefficient.

LED T10 Evaluation

If you look closely for deference you will see that LED light is spread evenly over surface and it look like the LED sample photo shows darker room and larger area is lightened up. That observation would be true. The lens installed in the headlight was designed for incandescent bulb and it also seamed to have too many defects on it surface. So lets sand few more bucks and add high quality lens to our setup. Below is the same wall same CrystalLumin T10 bulb but with better lens.

LED T10 W5W Review Light Sample

As you can see with good quality lens room looks much more brighter. Yet you may still say that original bulb was showing better results despite it odd pattern that appeared on the wall. So lets go back to the question of whit light on the white wall. For better evaluation we tilted headlight down so we can see contrast on the area that is not lightened up with out LED lamp.

LED Lense Contrast

Photo above shows contrast that lens adds. Headlight was tilted down to show the light rig. You can see and recognize electrical outlet this means there is enough light to see objects. Keep in mind that this is not your main lamp on the headlight. More over this is a hint / corner light so in most cases this lamp does not show the road at all, yet with small modification we can add extra light to your headlights without adding a burden on your battery (those LEDs are highly energy efficient, you can even call them "green" alternative for your car)

Now let just have quick look at the lens that made this difference in lighting. On yje photo below you can see 2 lenses. One is the one that came with headlight and other one is our high quality lens. I hope we don't have to tell which one is which, but to be more subjective the one that is clear is the better one.

 Automotive lenses review

To finish  this review, we would like to summarize our opinion on CrystalLumin T10 LED bulbs. Those LED lamps can be easily used to make an array of LEDs like Audi and Mercedes does it and you will get nice looking very very bright point daylight running lights, they would even look much better then the ones you would see in Mercedes. Also you can add leans to those LED lights and convert them to auxiliary light that add extra power to your headlight at no cots in terms of electrical usage. Finally and most importantly those LEDs do not heat up so you can really install them any where you want. One place the are not good at is you Instrument Cluster as they are too bright. You probably should give them a try, they already adapted for +12V so no extra resistors or any electronics is needed.

We have those light is stock so click Buy Now button to order few for yourself.

Below are few more photos for your reference.

Car LED Review - Instrument Cluster Lamps

High Power LED With Heatsink - automotive shape

T10 LED Bulb Close Up - Large Defucer

LED vs Regular Lamps

To buy your CtystalLumin T10 LED click Buy Now button. If you need larger quantity of this product please let us know through the support form. Stay tuned for our next review.


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