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NYC Side Parking Rules (iPhone & Android)

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NYC: Park or not to Park?
Information is a key factor in not getting a parking ticket in NYC. NYC Side Parking Rules App provides up to date information about side parking regulations that are in effect on the given day. If today is a street cleaning day you have to move your car somewhere else from that part of the street HOWEVER there are exceptions! On major holidays alternative side parking regulations are suspended, also in weather emergencies those rules may be also suspended. So do you know when parking rules are suspended? No? then you should get NYC Side Parking Rules App which will give you access to the list of all scheduled holidays and also real time updates about rules that are in affect! (Alternatively you can call 311 NYC Hotline to find out what rules are in affect)

NYC Parking Signs


Program provides real time status about parking rules suspentions and scheduled calendar events when alternative side parking rules are suspended. If calendar day marked with * that menad that this is major holiday and you can park just as you would under Sunday regulations.




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