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GA-Net+ Acura & Honda Audio / Video Media Adapter

If you own Acura or Honda and you want to do electronics update then GA-Net+ is a must have adapter!
GA-Net+ is not ordinary A/V adapter. GA-Net+ is all in one mini device that allow you to take control of your factory navigation screen. It will work with both regular and touch screens. Not only it allow you to show you PC video on factory screen but also it give you access to all navi / dashboard and steering wheal buttons. So when you install your CarPC or other similar device, you still will be able to use your steering wheal buttons to change volume, navigate between songs and take calls, just as you did with you stock navigation / entertainment system.

Using GA-Net+ will a allow you to skip extensive fabrication and fitting of new monitors inside the dash board. Your car look the same way as it was designed, or you can decide alternate the dash but still have all the features easily available to you.  

Our adapter easily solves such integration problems such as AC control. Normally if you take out your head Unit (HU) you no longer can control your air condition system as you don’t have buttons for it, but with GA-Net+ you keep the buttons you keep the screen and you add CarPC to coexist with the existing system and our adapter is managing their joint live. What else can you dream of?

TempGP is exclusive distributor of GA-Net+ in the United States. If you wish to order your Honda / Acura CarPC Bus adapter, please contact us via support form of our website. You can also talk to us on Centrafuse Forum

Also since many people are asking, I'm posting prices for GA-Net+ adapter.  Full kit cost $995 and general kit is $780. General Kit does not include AUX audio adapter.

Below you will find some video and photos of Acura and Honda media adapter in work.



GA-Net+ Audio / Video Plug and Play Adapter



xSystem Test Screen for AV Adapter

Acura AV Adapter Installed under the dash board

Centrafuse 2 running on native Acura Headunit (with GA-Net+ AV Adapter)

GA-Net Acura Honda A/V Adapter Connection Diagram

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