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Escort 9500ci installed radar detector is excellent defense against speeding tickets and red cameras. Since radar is installed it becomes part of the car and not visible to most people. With new release of 9500ci version laser jammer brackets got new design and it seems they only fit grill installation which is not a case for all cars. To fix this problem TempGP team designed alternative adjustable laser detector jammer brackets. Our bracket can hold laser radar head on its own (attached to a surface with screws) and you can more laser detector up down and forward backwards which will allow installer to be able to position it perfectly and in the car. Tilt adjustment of about +/- 2.5 degree is also possible. This custom bracket was designed mainly to allow installation behind bumper panel in a matter that panel can be removed and laser radar still stays there and there is no need to remove it when bumper or panel is removed. This is ideal if you want your install serviceable and adjustable in the future.

Kit includes 2 brackets sets. Each set has main bracket and 2 sliders that are attached to the side of laser jammer. Screws for bracket are included, screws to mount bracket to the surface such as bumper are not included. Kit designed and manufactured in Brooklyn, New York - USA

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