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TempGP Car Front & Rear Backup Camera Automatic Timer Switch Module

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Almost every modern car had rear backup camera but what if you need to add front camera so you can see you from bumpers for parking aid in large trucks, SUV or busses? TempGP new Automotive Camera Video Switch addresses this issue.

Device had 2 analog (CCTV) camera inputs and one output. Module will switch between CH1 and CH2 either by press of a button or when reverse +12V (backup lights) is detected.

When you park reverse lights are on and that will activate your CH2 camera, when reverse signal is removed we switch back to CH1 camera so you can have one camera feed going to you head unit and we are taking care of all switching logic.

If you need to switch between cameras without using reverse, then you can do so by pressing trigger button. When trigger is pressed TempGP electronic board will switch to opposite channel. Press button again to go back to previous camera.  

If you need continuous monitoring of both front and back cameras you can hold trigger button for 5 sec this will activate automatics shifting mode, where channels will switch automatically each 5 sec. Meaning CH1 will show for 5 sec and then unit will switch to CH2 automatically and show that cam for 5 sec and then go back to CH1 and so on. This is general video switching loop with delay of 5 sec between channels.

Trigger button is located on the back panel of the enclosure box. Trigger button can be mounted remotely. Green connector has terminals to attach remote trigger button, it works the same way and main button on the body of the module.

Rear camera switch can be powered either from vehicle power line (12V) on green common connector or with regular power adapter for home use.  Note: you can only use one power source, if you plug in 2 power sources at the same time you are risking burning your power source and camera switch.  Video Camera switch accepts 8-16V power input and is sold without and power adapters.

TempGP can provide custom firmware for large orders. This can include change in behavior on trigger button or reverse, ex different timing or switching patterns.

Video Inputs:            2x RCA Video Connectors
Video Output:            1x RCA Video Connector
Common Green Connector:    Reverse, External Button, Power
DC Connector:            5.5mm / 2.2mm Barrel, 8-16V

Weight:             70g
Dimensions:            102 x 45 x 25 mm









Car Front & Rear Backup Camera Automatic Timer Switch Module

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