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TempGP DIY BWM Style LED Corner / Turn Lights
BMW DIY Plexi Laser Cut Headlight Corner Lights

If you ever paid attention do design if ne BMW corner lights they are built with LEDs and plexiglass (acrylic). Nothing complex but looks nice. So we decided to to do some engineering and build up solution to produce aftermarket designs for road and show cars. Using our laser cutting machine we created holding construction. After gluing everything together we got what you see in the photo. We used regular throughole LEDs to make whole assembly more transparent.  LED that we selected if very very bright (maybe even too bright) but it looks very nice at the end. Plexi  glass intercepts rays and makes whole thing more visible.   What makes whole thing even more attractive is that (what you see on photo) only consumes 40mA  VS 2A of regular light bulb. This means we have more electricity and alternatively less load to the engine.
We did this project as experiment, but if you like it we can produce kits for you so you can install them in your car. Kit with 10 super bright 5mm LED will run about $25 and free shipping in USA. You will need to glue in LEDs and solder wires according to schematics.

if you want us to do custom design you can send in design files and we will cut them for you or we can do design too,

We hope you like our project idea!


Clear LED plexiglass laser cutting






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