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Garmin Rebellium 4  - AVAILABLE XMAS 2010
1 Year in development and finally Rebellium 4 - a Garmin 5.0.70 Centrafuse integration plugin is available to public download. You can download your copy at www.tempgp.com

To those who are new to Rebellium project, out plugin provides easy way to integrate Garmin Mobile PC to Centrafuse 2, 3, 3.1. Not only we nicely place Garmin window in your carPC screen but also we will paluse music for you when directions are spoken.

Whats ne in Rebellium 4 (aka R4)

  • Perfect Audio Pausing - no more music and direction playing at the same time
  • Support for both TTS and Prerecorded Directions
  • Support of Garmin 5.0.70 - This is latest version of GMPC
  • Semales Integration - All unneeded interface elements where removed
  • Multi-resolution - 800*480 up to 1080p resolution supported
  • External TXT Monitor Support
  • Send-to-Car - Email your destination address to GPS so you dont have to type the address on the screen.

Rebellium 4 Requirements:
  • Windows PC (XP / Win 7, 32 Bit is preferred)
  • Gramin Mobile PC 5.0.70
  • Centrafuse 3.1 (CF3.2 will be added soon(
  • 1Gb RAM
  • 2GHz CPU with MMX2

Limitations of R4: In order for R4 to work well on your system you will need reasonably powerful PC, we tested product on i7-2.99Ghz Quad Core. i3 and i5 CPU should work too. Celeron CPU might be to slow. Also it is mandatory to have Garmin 5.0.70 in order for R4 to work properly. Also if you have modified your Windows system, ex: you used nLite to cut out some modules, R4 may refuse to start, for best performance we recommend to use R4 on the system with all standard modules installed.

If you don't meet requirements posted above you can use Rebellium 3 instead. Both R3 and R4 provide good integration, but R4 was developed with the idea of nice more native integration so we allowed ourselves to take bigger hit in resource usage. Again if you experience difficulty ruining R4 we would recommend using R3.

Rebellium 4 HAS to be only program that talks to GRAMIN. So if you have R3 or any other garmin related plugin installed, make sure you uninstall them all before you try Rebellium 4!!!!

Product Activation - IMPORTANT ***
Rebellium 4 requires you to activate the product! Once you get your installer file and run your installation you will be given your Serial Number. After that you have to go to www.tempgp.com and crate your profile (you MUST use same email as you PayPal address in order to link your licenses together) Once registred, go to yout account and generate Activation Code that will unlock your installer.

Below are few screen shots of new Rebellium 4 integration with Cetrafuse 3.1 and Garmin Mobile PC running at 800*480 resolution.


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