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Car Liquor Secure Transport Hand Bag Cooler Carseat for Wine Vodka Cognac
PN: TG-Vertolock
UPC: 799975938073

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Vertolock is Car Liquor Wine Vodka Bottle Protection Bag and Cooler. Designed with main goal of allowing easy transportation of fragile liquor bottles in the car.  Very often there is no place to put wine bottle in the cars so it ends up in the trunk or on the back seat. Problem is when you do sharp turn or drive fast or brake rapidly your bottle starts rolling and hits next metal object and cracks open. When you drive to a party or holiday celebration and your bottle is a gift for some one and you find it broken that makes you feel more then sorry!

Vertolock car liquor protection bag comes to help you!
You load your wine or vodka or any other liquor to Vertolock bag, secure top sleeve and wrap lock velco belt around your car passenger seat belt. Remember to fasten the seat belt for better protection. This way your car seat belt keeps bottle securely attached to the seat and bottle has no chances to roll or hit anything in your car. You can now enjoy your ride and arrive with pride!

In addition  to keep bottles safe Vetrolock keeps it cool! We used special material that works as chiller and stabilizes bottle temperature. So you take you wine out of the cooler you put it in TempGP bag, and temperature will be constant for quite some time.  This works well if you driving out hiking or any where else away from your home.

Our bottle bag is excellent gift for holiday and any other occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. It is unique and useful for every one who drives the car. It is mast have accessory in your trunk! There is nothing better then gift that works.

Patent Pending

We can do OEM orders and add your own logo or message to bags. Distributors are always welcome.


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If you are NYC buyer you are welcome to pick up item at our store location in Brooklyn.

Warranty & Disclaimer: This product is building block for your design, we or our holding companies are not responsible for its use or misuse. We should not be held liable for any damages you may incur. Module provided AS-IS.  Module comes with 90 day manufacturer limited warranty.  If module is defective and was never installed it will be serviced by the warranty. International orders are shipped without tracking, we are not responsible if items are lost during international shipping. We retain proofs of shipped out items. If you are international buyer and need tracking # you need to request UPS service. For domestic buyers: packages are tracked and guaranteed to be delivered by selected carrier! 


Each kit is factory sealed in clear plastic bag.  We are not responsible for use ot miss use of the item. Product provided as-is, use and build on your own risk.





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