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Digital Flood Leak Water, Rain Sensor & Detector Module V2.0
PN: TG-202012-01
UPC: 799975938066

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TempGP Water Sensor 2.0 - Detect Water, Rain, Flood, Leaks, Spills
Sensor works with any H2O based liquids. Reliable alarm an notifications!
Perfect for smart home automation, automotive, marine, industrial and scientific use!


Designed and shipped from New York, USA

Most common usage is: at  home under sink or washing machine. If water is detected audible alarm will sound, also if you connect relay you can use that to shut off electric valve or connect module to your home automation system or alarm. Device is perfect to avoid heavy damage form water leaks. Similarly if you are in flood area you can get notified if water gets to your basement, relay can activate pump to extract water right away!

Device can be nicely used in convertible car to close windows and roof when there is rain! Marine usage: detect waterline to control your engine. Scientific: rain logger, or any other loggers. There ate many other ways to use this module. As long as you need to detect water this device will help you!

New V2.0 designs has adjustable sensitivity This help if your weather environment is to humid or air is to salty so you want to reduce amount of false alarms in cases like humidity is 90%. By default device is set to 50% sensitivity!

Also v2.0 has adjustable alarm timing 0 sec to 7 min. After water is detected relay and buzzer will be active for duration of alarm. Ex small rain: you don't you windows open and close with each drop, so we add alarm threshold of 7 min. If there is no water detected for 7 min its probably safe to say that we can open windows now.  In contrast if you have industrial sensor you would want to know what exactly going on righ now so you set alarm to 0 sec and you will see real time water presence status.

Another nice new feature is voltage and battery operation. Unlike old 12V design our new V2.0 accepts wide input voltage: 8-35V so now it can be used with broad range of external devices and in different situations. We still recommend using mid range voltage around 12-24V to be safe. As to battery operation we though some times its good to have mobile water sensor so you can stick it somewhere easily just as a precautions. So we added 9V buttery support and of course if battery will run low will notify  user to ensure they dont forget to replace battery. Low BAT alarm is triggered same way as is sensor detected water. So if there is no water and alarm is ON, just check your battery!

Dual density plates: unlike V1 our new design comes with attached sensor plate. This helps users to deploy and test detector faster. By default senor is attached to LOW sensitivity plate (one with 2 large terminals) this is good to detect more water like in case of flood. If you need real time rain sensing you might want to  detach (chip away) sensor plate by braking it along perforated line and solder wires to HIGH solder spots. You can also detach sensor plate and run wires for LOW sensitivity in case you want to place main board away from sensor plate. Separating logic board and sensor plate is a good idea so in case of water flood the board does not get damaged.

Overall this design present lots of great functionality and can help many people to avoid massive water damage and perhaps build new things!

If you buy 10+ units at one we can give some quantity discount, but 100 units you get even better discount!
We can OEM parts with custom specks. We can also design any kind of custom electronic device that your project requires!


Each sensor comes factory sealed, in antistatic bag with small usage manual

Need help about this product?
Ask your question at manufacturers website:

Water Sensor V2.0 Support Forum

If you are NYC buyer you are welcome to pick up item at our store location in Brooklyn.

Warranty & Disclaimer: This product is building block for your design, we or our holding companies are not responsible for its use or misuse. We should not be held liable for any damages you may incur. Module provided AS-IS.  Module comes with 90 day manufacturer limited warranty.  If module is defective and was never installed it will be serviced by the warranty. International orders are shipped without tracking, we are not responsible if items are lost during international shipping. We retain proofs of shipped out items. If you are international buyer and need tracking # you need to request UPS service. For domestic buyers: packages are tracked and guaranteed to be delivered by selected carrier! 


Each kit is factory sealed in clear plastic bag.  We are not responsible for use ot miss use of the item. Product provided as-is, use and build on your own risk.





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