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Rain Flood & Water Sensor DIY Solder KIT
PN: TG-152011-01-DIY

In addition to our popular water sensor module we added a DIY kit. Kit has all features as production boards but you have option to assemble it yourself. This also means that you can modify components to adjust sensitivity and timer intervals!

Kit includes all component needed for PCB assembly, also schematics and short component identification manual is included.

Minimal knowledge of soldering and ability to identify components and their placements is required for assembly of this kit. This water sensor design has just few parts so it should be very easy to assemble even if you don't know how to read schematics. For your convenience we wrote small color coding explanation for resistors used in the kit.

If you need fully assembled kit them please visit other page to buy it please contact us! We can do custom electronics design and any modification if needed.


1 pcs @  $11.95
10 pcs @ $9.95
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 DIY Water Flood Monitor Kit PCB Module 

 Digital  Water Sensor Schematics 

Assembled Kit (Finished Product) - this what you will get after soldering the kit
Water Rain Sensor Module with Timer Delay Button - CarPC / Windows / Home / Leack Detection

Block Diagram of Components

DIY Car Water Sensor Conection Diagarm (P/N: TG-152011-01)

Each kit is factory sealed in clear plastic bag. Kit contains main sensor PCB board along with senor plate.  We are not responsible for use ot miss use of the item. Product provided as-is, use and build on your own risk.





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