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Honda Accord 7th Generation (2003-2007) Non Navigation CarPC Installation

If you have Honda Accord 7th Generation (2003-2007) without factory navigation and you still want to install GA-NET to add navigation DVD etc. then you will need to do a bit of conversion.  First you will need to buy factory OEM head unit (screen) for your car + sub display. Then you will add GA-NET+Femto and you will be able to connect your carPC to the OEM screen without even need to but factory navi box. This essentially will allow you to add premium technology package to your car for less money and support of GPS maps for any location.  Of course there are some details that you need to pay more attention to. So read below.


Honda Not Factori Navogation Replacement Adapter

What you need to get first:
1. Head Unit (aka HU aka HU)  Part # 3905-SDA-L41ZA
2. Sub Display  Part# 77275-SDA-L41
3. Top Vent Cover Part # 39710-SDA-L41


Head Unit Honda Accord Connection and Install Diagram

Accord 7th Generation Sub Display Ven Cover Retrofit

When buying parts you need to pay attention to various specs to ensure that you are getting right parts. There are some differences in OEM parts so pay attention.

a) Parts are manufactured for different regions, ex USA, Europe, Asia – main difference if FM radio settings, side of the steering wheel.  Head units are cross replaceable ex in USA car you can install European Head Unit but all other parts have to be from the same category ex both HU and Sun Display are from Europe.

Head Unit - USA

Honda Accord - Radio Screen Head Unit

Head Unit - Europe

Europe Head Unit for Accord 2007

Head Unit - Japan

Japan Head Unit - Radio LCD Touch Screen Honda

b) Audio System – premium or not premium. If your car has premium audio, it is highly recommended to get the same premium audio head unit

c) Model Year – there are 3 categories within Accord 7th Gen so make sure all components are from the same sub category.  Mainly HU + Sub Display should be from the same category by the manufacturing year. This is needed for seam les AC control.  Categories are as follows:  2003, 2004-2005, 2006-2007

GA-NET+Femto supports all OEM elements of navigation system.

Common connection diagaram:

GA-NET+ Femto Installation and Wiring Diagram for Honda Accord

AV Adapter comes with drivers required to control OEM HVAC, Radio (AM/FM), CD, Illumination.  To control PC we support touchscreen and joystick along with HU and steering wheel buttons.


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