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Virtual Car Body Shop Tuning and 3D Car Rendering Services

TempGP is now offering virtual car tuning service. What that mean is that we can design exterior or interior of the car for you. If you want to know how certain body kit will look on your car our virtual tuning service can help you with visualization. Not only we can render combination of your car + existing products on the market but also we can show some creative ideas on custom parts design. For example we can design whole interior of your car, help selecting materials ex wood, carbon fiber. We can show how custom paint job will look like.

Using virtual 3D tuning can help you visualize your car after it was pimped up, but even more importantly you can show the model in fabrication show so they will build you exactly what you want from the 1st time.

Below you can find our portfolio of cars. If you need help with your project please use contact us page.

Update: We now have interactive online tuning and car configurator engine (beta). Please take a look here:
http://3dtuning.tempgp.com  <<<<
If you need your car model added please let us know. Remember we are still at beta so updates are released every day to make it look nice .


Chrisler 300 virtual 3D model tuning service - carbon fiber hood and roof, custom body kit

SUV 3D CAD Tuning

SUV front bamper fiberglass model job

SUV Paint Job in 3D


 Pimped Up 300 - virtual car tuning 



Camaro 3D  rendering for paint job - front


Chevy Camaro Karge Gold Rim Fitting  

Chrysler 300 Top Opening Doors


Top View of Carbon Fiber Roof


Custom Car chassis Design 3D CAD - Solid Works


Chrysler 300 Fire Exhaust Custom Hood Design


Red Mutsubisi Remake Fiberglass Body


SUV Pre Model Pensil Sketchup during Client Briefing


Car Freehand dwaing


Rear SUV Bodykit design Service for carbon fiber fabrication - Brooklyn, New York

Race Car Design


Custom Headlight Rendering


Custom Trycicle Bike Design for Motosport


Bike Design Scjetches


Porshe Virtual 3D tuning service


BMW X6 Vivid Custom Dragon Paint Job Preview


Race Car Paint Job - Street Racing


WV Virually Tuned Paint Job, Rims, Body Kits, Tinted Glass, Carbon Fiber Hood







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