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TempGP FM AM WB RDS USB CarPC Automotive Radio

We have been working for some time to develop automotive and carpc radio. So finally we can show some results. THe module we developed curetly supports FM / AM / WB / RDS. Device will have USB audio along with standard analog line out so it can be used in various situations. To make life even easier TGRMAX radio will have accessory signaling connector so car antenna can be turned on when radio is activated.

Our goal for TGRMAX AM, FM, WB USB radio is to create all in one radio reciver that can full replace in car head units without anyt compromises. Demo board is build with all automotice components and complies to automative specks, so it can work in various enviromental conditions. Aslo device is designed spesifically for automative use so this is not an adaptation of generic consumer electronics.

At this point of time we recorded few smaple audio tracks showing seek between stations on all bands. You can hear them and see if quolity is good enough for you. Click on sound players below. In general our valuation of audio is good. FM stations get good reception and good sound quolity. Same applies to Wide Band / Weather Band with automatic messages. As to AM the qolity is 50/50 some bands sound OK some are jsut noice. AM band is hard to test though as working sistace is grater then in FM so we can actually hear stations that are not local and as result we would get noise. Also note on the setup: we used stock Mercedes antenna that is used in original head unit. Our usb radio requires external automotive antenna (most likly you should have one)

Sample FM - NYC Radio Stations

Sample AM

Sample WB








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