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Rain & Water Sensor / Timer Delay Button Module
PN: TG-152011-01

TempGP Water / Rain sensor is designed to detect water based liquids and trigger the relay if water detected. Module is equipped with delay timer; this adds extra reliability in case of changing environments and also adds additional functionality.


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10 pcs @ $15
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SOLD OUT (Replacement Part: Water Sensor V2)



Water Rain Sensor Module with Timer Delay Button - CarPC / Windows / Home / Leack Detection

Water Sensor module can be used in cars to detect rain and close roof of convertible car, example if car is parked and it is starts raining this will prevent unwanted damage to your car. Module can also be used to start windshield wipers. Besides use in cars, rain sensor module is well suited to detect any water leaks.  This makes it very useful in household.  Sensor board can be placed in bathroom, under the sink, if there be any leak relay will get triggered. Same would work for washing machines,  bath tubes, basement  pipes or anywhere else where presents of water needs to be detected.  Module can be used in home automation to detect rain and close any opened windows.

Rain sensor module uses 7-12V as power source. Relay contacts can handle 10A @ 30V DC or 10A @ 125-250V. Timer is configured to provide 20 sec delay once triggered (+/- 10%) External sensor board can be used to increase chance of water penetration; alternatively terminal wires can be inserted directly into water container.  External water sensor board is very sensitive; it can pick up water on your skin if you press it too hard against the senor surface.

While relay is triggered LED will light up to indicate its senor status. Relay can be triggered by sensor plate or but push button. If sensor contacts are shortened it will give the same result as push button is pressed. So if needed you can use sensor contacts as a way to extend location of push button.

Alternative functionality of the sensor module is to work as timer button, when you press button or water triggers relay you have around 20 sec time interval that will keep relay in triggered position. (If senor is triggered beyond 20 sec interval the relay will be kept triggered too until source of trigger is removed. In other words if you press button and hold it for more than 20sec relay will be still triggered, but then once you release button the relay will go to normal position without any additional delay.  
This additional functionality can let you use the board for various situations such as door buzzers. For example if you have wireless remote that you want to use to open the door you will need to hold the button to keep door open, but with the sensor module you can press the button once and door will be kept opened for 20 sec. Same principal can be applied to different scenarios, ex switching between front and rear camera while parking.  

Water Sensor / Timer Button Module is available for $18 retail. Quantity discounts can be applied for purchases of 10 or more.  For large orders we can customize delay time and sensitivity and add additional interfacing options.


TempGP - Water Rain Sensor DIY

Water Detector - Connector Annotations

Watter Sensor Plate Pattern

Back of TempGP TG-152011-01 Sensor Relay board

DIY Car Water Sensor Conection Diagarm (P/N: TG-152011-01)

Each kit is factory sealed in clear plastic bag. Kit contains main sensor PCB board along with senor plate. Kit designed and assembled in USA.

Water Pipe Leack Detector Kit - Made in USA




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