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TPMS DIY Connector for Booster Antenna

If you are having trouble with your tire pressure not being displayed right, that may be due weak wireless signal. Car body and interference may affect your sensor reception. To deal with this issue you can add external antenna to your TPMS receiver. This tutorial will show how to use our SMA TPMS Pigtail and our TPMS Booster antennas to increase your tire sensor reliability.

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1St you need to open the box with you TPMS receiver and take out PCB board. Then get the SMA TPMS Pigtail connector and strip the wire like shown on the photo. Once wire is stripped out undo the shield and twist it in separate wire. Then strip out signal wire that is under the shield. Make sire you leave some clear silicon protection to prevent wires from touching any electronic components on the board.

Unsolder wire form PCB reciever board

Strip RF PVC coating

prepare signal and ground shield on RF cable for connector assambly


Once wire is prepared you can solder the signal part to the place where original wire was. That is in the center of the circuit. Remember the signal wire is the "center" wire that is located under the shield. Than when you done with signal aka ATN wire you can do the shield. Solder shield to the ground terminal on your receiver board. You can locate GND by looking at the photo above. 

Solder SMA Pigtail to TPMS board

Next mechanically install the connector to the tire pressure receiver box. You will need to drill the hole in the box. If you have extra time use router drill bit to make shape of cut circle. In that way connector will not rotate when you will be screwing antenna on. Also make sure you use both washers on opposite walls of the box, they will prevent connector nut from unscrewing during vibration. Once you secure your connector you are done. You can attach either rubber duck antenna or extension antenna and you should se improvement in your TPMS data reception.

Connector hole drilling for Tire Presure Monitor antenna

Custom TPMS SMA Connector Pigtails

SMA bulkhead pigtail connector gold car

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