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Flat Surface Mount Wi-Fi Omni Booster Antenna - Car / Walls / Windows

At special request we are adding flat wifi antenna. This is outdoor wireless booster antenna. Unlike any other Wi-Fi antennas this one is flat. It also surface mountable with double side 3M tape. You can stick this antenna to anything you want ex back wall of your bamper in the car, window, case of your dectop or anything that has flat surface. It is also small and slim so it does not hurt the aestetic look of the surface. 

Antenna has about 2m cable attached to it and it uses RP-SMA (standartd wifi connector) antenna provides 2.5 dBi signal gain. It is omni antenna so it is reccomended to mount it vertically. Below few photos of the product

We sell those antennas for
$25 each 

Flat Surface Mout WiFI Booster Antenna



Flat WiFi Window Mount Signal Booster Antenna

Thin Miniature Sticable Internet Antenna CarPC

WiFi RP-SMA Male  Connector

Double Side 3M tape surface mount wi-fi 2.4Ghz antenna

CarPC internet Booster Outdoor Wireless Antenna Slim




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