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Tire Pressure Monitor System Antenna (TPMS) - Signal Booster

If you need more stronger signal from your tire pressure sensors you can add booster antenna to the receiver station. Also you can bring your antenna outside the car and this will allow you to place the controller board any where in the car. Unlike regular wire on your controller the TPMS antenna projects the signal horizontally disregarding any other signals on different altitude and as result you see stronger and much clear noise free transmission.

We have two type of antennas. One is extender antenna (the one with the cable) it can be used to move your antenna outside the car so signal is not being blocked by metal walls. Another antenna is rubber duck antenna which is screw on type of antenna, it can be used just to improve reception of your tire pressure USB unit.

Both antennas are using RF (radio frequency) SMA Male connectors. Make sure your TPMS Receiver has proper connector. If your device does not have any connector (just a loose wire hanging out) we will be offering conversion SMA Female pigtail kits in few days. Below are the photos of both antennas.

We sell those antennas for
$15 each 

Extension Antenna


TPMS Antenna Car Booster Kit

433Mhz Antenna - SMA Male Connector

Tire Presure Monitor Extension Antenna

Rubberduck Screw-in Antenna

Rubberduck Screwon TPMS Antenna

Extermal TMPS anteena kit SMA Male Connector Gold

Tire Presure Sensior Antenna Replacement


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