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Give New Look to Garmin Mobile PC - Download Skin Files

Gamin Mobile PC is nice navigation prigram that can be integrated to CarPC with Rebellium4 plugin for Centrafuse. Recntly TBM on Centrafuse forums posted a skin file for GMPC which makes it look more native to Centrafuce Clean skin. So if you wish to tweak GMPC to look a bit differently you can use those file. We posted links to 2 different versions. You can get both of them and use which ever you like. Please note this is only for Garmin Mobile PC 5.0.70. To install this GIR GUI you need to drop files to Garmin install directory.

TBM Rebellium 4 - Garmin Mobile PC Skin



     Download Garmin Mobile PC Skin #1

     Download Garmin Mobile PC Skin #2

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