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Almost Sun Readable Screens - Soon in our Cars 
iPhone 4G VS Samsung Galaxy S LCD Displays

Mobile technology moves faster then both carPC or automotive industry. New cell phones show nice and attractive screens. If you look at iPhone 4G you don't even see the pixels on the screen which is pretty impressive. When iPhone screen is compared to any stock car navigation screen or carPC screen you see extreme difference in quality. 

So one way or another we need to get same quality TFT/LCD matrix in cars, but what about sun light? If you have convertible car, carPC become almost useless under direct sunlight; even in regular cars, when sun hits the screen there is no way to see navigation maps or buttons to switch to next song of your playlist.

Since I got very impressed with quality of mobile phones screens I placed latest models of iPhone and Android under direct sun light. As android sample I used tope of the line Samsung Galaxy S with OLED screen.

Sumsung GalaxyS OLED Screen VS iPhone - Sun Light Read Test


As you can see Samsung OLED matrix is still visible under direct sun light, unfortunately for Apple the iPhone 4G is barely visible under direct light. If we change viewing angles then situation will get a bit better but it is clear that if we use same technology as Samsung OLED in car screens then we could see the map even under direct sun light. So when Samsung will get same pixel density as the screen used by apple then it would be perfect solution for CarPC. Well we will need to get it to be at least 7-8" but that should not be a problem. And by the way both screens a capacitive so they transmit light in much better way.

Here are few more photos of the setup so you can see both phones form different perspectives.


Cell Phones under Direct Sun Light







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