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Lexus & Toyota CarPC Audio Video Monitor + Dashboard Buttons Integration Adapter

If you are driving Toyota or Lexus with integrated navigation system you have 2 option to install CarPC or custom navigation system: 1) Tear out you screen and put your own new screen 2) Use Integration A/V adapters that we offer and so you can keep your existing electronics in place. We recommend option 2 as in this case you do not need to wiring inside the dash and most importantly you don't need to fabricate any dash bezels.

Here is an example of Toyota adapter used with conjunction of Centrafuse. If you look closely not only we retain all standard car features but also we can use hardware dash buttons to control behavior within Centrafuse to open Navigation for instance.


Test There are few versions of navigation systems installed in Lexus and Toyota. Earlier generations are using RGB video signals so there are no need for expansive electronics to inject our video to the car headunit, in those morels all you need is touch screen and buttons adapter with audio. Those adapters run around ~$400 USD. For newer models, different video interface is used therefore we need to use expansive "smart" adapter that will take care if you CarPC conversion.  In case of both adapters they are reasonably easy to install so if you have Lexus or Toyota you can take your car electronics to the edge of your imagination.

If you need either of those adapter please contact us via support form and we will arrange the delivery.

For references below you can find 3 types of adapters available on the market to connect CarPC to your Toyota or Lexus

1. Cheapest AVC adapter that does not have sound support (Touch + Video+Buttons)
AVC-LAN for Toyota and Lexus - CarPC Audio Video Buttons Adapter



2. Original AVC Adapter (Has Audio Card Support)

Original Toyota Audio Video USB PC Adapter


3. New Version of adapter for latest car models (AV+Touch+Buttons)

New Toyota Lexus AV USB Adpater for CarPC Navi


To purchase any of those adapter please contact TempGP via support form.


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