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Asus EeePC 901 Notebook + GA-NET: Power Button Soldering (Power ON Adapter)

If you planing on using Asus Eee PC with GA-NET line RJ-45 Power ON Adapters then you will have to do some soldering. The way Power on adapter works is very simple, we sense when car auxiliary power is turned on (means car key is turned on, and there is power in cigarette lighter) we close relay that is wired into RJ-45 port and that "press" the turn on power button of the laptop. 

So in case of Asus Eee we need to connect 2 wires between Power button and RJ-45 (network port connector), then we need to cut the PCB lines to make sure we do not interfere with network operation.  Cutting out 2 wires from Ethernet will not affect your network card as in most cases you only need 4 wires to connect to Ethernet network.

Below is the image where you should solder your wires and what you have to cut.


GA-NET Asus Eee PC 901 Power Button Solderin for Power ON Adapter

Disclaimer: opening up your laptop will void you warranty. Static electricity may damage chips, wrong soldering, shorting circuits, overheat and other actions may damage your equipment. This article is provided only for informational purposes. We are not responsible for your actions.

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