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Recommended Video Cars for GA-NET+

Major functionality of GA-NET+ adapter is ability to interface your CarPC VGA card with stock (native) monitor. Adapter is well build for it and is truly Plug&Play, however the hardest part of integration is configuration of your computer video card.

Some video cards are much easier to configure them others, while certain video adapters are totally not compatible with our interface adapter.

We recommend to use following video cards if you are building new PC:

Intel 945 GMA950

Those 2 video adapters are proven to be easily configurable and compatible with GA-NET+ for both Acura and Honda integration.

Ex Asus Eee eeePC 901 uses Intel 945 GMA950 and developers of GA-NET have created special driver to simplify installation.

There are many motherboards that use those video chipset, for instance Zotac GF8200-C-E for AMD processors has NVIDIA GF8200 video adapter. (Photo Shown Below)


Zotac GF8200-C-E Compatible with GA-NET+ Adapter for Honda & Acura


Technical reasons for video card limitations is that newer video cards are in the market for desktop computers with larger and large resolutions and fast refresh rates. Yet, earlier models of Acura and Honda have screen resolution of 480x234 pixels. Besides resolution car monitor requires lower sync rate. In case of Honda that is 15.5 kHz  (which is 1/2 of regular VGA sync rate - 31.5 kHz) Finally pixelclock in the car has to be ~15-17MHz

So in our cars we need legacy video mods support where big video chipset makes go after different markets and increasing their maximum resolutions at the cost of cutting support for legacy specks. That's is why certain chipsets are almost impossible to integrate with stock car monitors and head units.

For instance
NVIDIA ION2, Intel GMA3150, Intel HD GMA lines are NOT compatible with GA-NET+ adapter, just because they don't support low resolution and low sync rates. 

Things are not that bad though as car manufacturers do their R&D and with new models the electronics gets better and better. For example Acura TL, ZDX, MDX models after 2010 have HD (Alpine) navigation system that has monitor with 800*480 pixels resolution. So newer make such as Acura MDX 2010 ca use NVIDIA ION2 chipset. The configuration will not be easy but it is doable.

Bottom line is: for easier installation we recommend motherboards that have NVIDIA GF8200 or Intel 945 GMA950 video adapters.



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