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Divum - Skype Plugin for Centrafuse CarPC frontend.

New Skype plugin for Centrafuse 3.1 is now available for download. Our plugin helps you do Skype calls from your car.


  1. List all online contacts
  2. Call Selected Contact
  3. Receive incoming Call

Text chat is not supported, its not safe. Video chat may be added soon. No updates are planed untill CF3.2 is released. Also you need Skype to be installed on PC.

Downloads: you can get your plugin, but you have to donate us something to keep us motivated.  Current plugin recommended price is $10, but ists up to you where that is $1 or $500. More we rise, the more time we can put on making it perfect. If you dont have any money just let me know you will get one for free.

Plug-in Stability: Currently this is first release that was written overnight, so there might be bugs... So obviously we distribute it AS-IS. Plugin was tested on Windows 7 x64.

Here is screen shot of the plugin. My contacts are blued out but you get the idea.  You can download plugin in "SHOP" section of our site.


Divum Skype Plugin - Centrafuse 3.1 (CF3.1)




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