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Rebellium 3.4 Won in Centrafuse Developer Challenge TempGP Wins 1st Place
TempGP Garmin Rebellium 3.4 GPS plugin won a 1st place in Centrafuse Developer Challenge featuring Send to Car update
Car and Industrial LED Ligt Control Unit Water Rain Sesnor & Leak Detector
Detect water based liquids such as rain or water leaks in the kitchen. Relay based sensor with time delay switch. 
High  Powe Car Headlight LED Unit Acura Honda Bus & CarPC Adapter (GA-Net+)
Integrate native Touch Screen and Dashboard Buttons to you CarPC. Full control over you factory navigation!

About TempGP
TempGP was started as a small hobby project and an idea of using PC to controll RC aircrafts, but due to time contrains aircaft part was placed on hold and we started working mostly with car, so that was a CarPC. Building our first prototype we relized that there where many things missing in carPC that could make our lives "cooler" so we started doing soem modifications to elctronic parts.

Them there was a GMPC Rebellium V1. After playing arond with various GPS software at that time we used MS MapoPoint 2003 which we dint like, we found that there was a Garmin Mobile PC. Undfortunatly it did not have and OSK (On Screen Keyboard) and also it was impossible to hear directions when GPS was talking as music was too loud.  So we stared doing our first plugin for Road Runner (RideRunner now). There alredy where few OSK intergarion but they didn't work well so we gave the project a name of Rebellium (to rebbel from others and do our own thing)

Right now Rebellium and Garmin Mobile PC integration is probaly the bigest discussion topic on Flux Media (Centrafuse) formum website. On the time of writing this text GMPC Rebellium hits where 83,375 where next close by poluparity plugin is Park Distance counting 40,206. So so far Garmin Mobile PC Navigation in car PCs seams to be very popular. So we making sure we doing our best job to keep it that way. Righ now we are workin on Rebellium 4 which will show much more new features. So keep cheking back.

Besides software we desided to move on to next cool topic which is LEDs. We are working on LED controll unit which will allow you to change inrerior colors (lightting) of your car. You can use it inside or outside and underbody neon kit. There will be an interface to connect it to audio so you can transform your car into rolling disco machine :) We also working on LED Headlights, so if HIDs are illigal in your area you can switch to LED and even get twise more light then HIDs + you can tune your light level the way you like it. We hope you will like our new product.

If you think you have nice idea or you want us to buil something custom for you then don't be be afraid to contact us, we always like to do something new.
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CF3.x - GMPC Rebellium 4
GPS Plugin for CF3.1 & CF3.5
Downloads: 939
CF3 - GMPC Rebelium 3 (Centrafuse 3.1)
Garmin Mobile PC GPS Plugin & OSK
Downloads: 2182
CF2 - GMPC Rebelium 2 (Centrafuse 2)
Garmin Mobile PC OSK Helper (.net 3.5)
Downloads: 297
CF2 - GMPC Rebelium 2 (Centrafuse 2)
Garmin Mobile PC GPS OSK (.net 2.0)
Downloads: 48

TTS Voice Changer for Garmin Mobile
Change Text To Speach Voices in GMPC
Downloads: 74
Navmii Directus - GPS Integration
Navmii Centrafuse GPS Navigation
Downloads: 36
Skype Divum Plugin
VoIP Centrafuse Integration
Downloads: 37
Deviare Framework
Needed for CF2 GMPC Plugin
Downloads: N/A
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